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Happy Doctor's Day1st July 2021
National Doctor’s Day is inspired by the birth and death anniversary on 1st July of Bharat Ratna Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy, the legendary physician, freedom fighter, a far sighted leader, educationist, Politician and the second Chief Minister of Bengal. It’s a day to commemorate the medical profession who remains dedicated 24x7, 365 Days of the year to keep us healthy and happy. We feel blessed to express our heartfelt gratitude to the dedication and commitment of our Doctors to patient care. Specially during these pandemic times we dedicate this day to convey our solidarity with the white brigade fighting against Covid 19 in the frontlines saving patients’ lives at the cost of risking theirs. Salute to the real life heroes in our lives. Thank You for keeping us safe and healthy.
International Yoga Day21st June 2021
On this International Yoga Day, let's understand that Yoga is the journey of the self. Yoga means to unite the limited with the unlimited.
Happy Father's Day20th June 2021
A father-daughter or father-son relationship is about bonding, inspiration, lasting memories and leading by example. Traditionally Dads  doesn’t tell you often that he loves you, but he always shows you. A Father not only puts his children’s needs before him but also act as a guiding light for them throughout their life. Importance of Father in every child’s life is huge. Father’s Day celebrates and honors the men who have embraced this essential role of fatherhood. This day also belongs to Single Mothers who perform the role of both father and mother to their kids.  On this day, we thank fathers and father figures for the sacrifices they make, for embracing the responsibility of nurturing and raising children, and for devotion to their family.  Let us all appreciate today all the dads around world who are supporting their children’s education and dreams unhindered during this pandemic often against great odds.
World Blood Donor Day14th June 2021
Every few seconds, someone, somewhere , needs safe blood. Every blood you donate gives someone another chance to live. By donating blood , in our own small way, we can help to make the world a better place. Give a little, helps a lot! The World Blood Donor Day celebrates the volunteer of blood donors all over the world and aims to create wider awareness of the importance of blood donation and the usage of safe blood products and blood. The slogan of World Blood Donor Day 2021 is “Give blood and keep the world beating”. It emphasizes on the importance of blood donation. It is also a global call for people to come forward and donate blood regularly.
Anti Child labour Day12th June 2021
A child is meant to learn and not earn. Every child has a dream of their own. We must give them the wings of learning and education to their aspirations. According to UNICEF, there are an estimated of near about 160 million children aged 5-14 yrs in forced child labour which perpetuates poverty, illiteracy, discriminations and population boom worldwide. Act Now : End Child labour is the theme of this year’s world day for anti child labour. Let us join hands to act against this barbaric crime which kills the joy of living for children. Lets pledge to protect kids from a life of toil and hardships. Instead gift them the knowledge with which they can meaningfully transform the world.
World Environment Day5th June 2021
Probably the greatest threat to our planet is our belief that someone else will save it. We must realise that this is the only home we have and its ecosystem is under tremendous stress from man made threats such as pollution, plastic use & deforestation.  World Environment Day is one of the biggest annual events organised by the United Nations (UN) to generate awareness about the significance of nature. It is that time of the year when civil societies, environmentalists, students and global leaders take a moment to reflect upon the impact of human activity on Mother Earth. With the climate crisis making some irreversible changes to our lives as we know it, World Environment Day is also the time to think about unique, workable solutions that can help in resolving issues such as deforestation, plastic pollution etc. The theme of this year's World Environment Day is 'Reimagine. Recreate. Restore.' as this year marks the beginning of the United Nations Decade on Ecosystem Restoration. It is a 10-year plan that will make the authorities think on the path of stopping the degradation of the ecosystem. The human population must resolve to bring about little changes in its lifestyle that can help restore the natural order of things. Be it ban on single-use plastic or infusing more green across the cities, we must recreate and reimagine ways to help Mother Earth heal. Let us nurture our only home we have, so that we can have a better future.
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