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We at Genome wish Dr. Sujoy Dasgupta a very Happy 3rd Work Anniversary!9th April 2021
Success never comes in a day, it comes with time and hard work and Dr. Sujoy Dasgupta is an example of that. Heartiest congratulations to him on completing 3 years at Genome Kolkata. We wish him on his success over the last 3 years in fertility treatment for bringing smiles to hundreds of aspiring couples who achieved their dream of parenthood at Genome. We wish you continued success in your career in the upcoming years too.
WORLD HEALTH DAY7th April 2021
April 7 of each year marks the celebration of World Health Day. The celebration is marked by different activities and provide an opportunity globally to focus on the importance of global health. This year the day highlights to unite people together to build a fairer & healthier world. It also addresses WHO’s a basic principle that every individual has the fundamental right to enjoy the standard healthcare irrespective of race, religion, political belief, economic or social condition.  But with the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic globally some groups have limited access to good quality healthcare services as they are experiencing challenges in every aspect of their lives be it food, shelter, employment, education etc. Currently, 1.2 billion people lack basic healthcare necessities. Due to these conditions, most people are suffering from illness or premature death. Thus, it is essential that leaders globally must ensure equity in health in both public and private care models and see that every individual must have access to at least basic healthcare. Today we are also proud to celebrate the zeal of delivering healthcare and wellness to all our patients over last one year amidst the COVID -19 pandemic in a safe and hygienic environment. Healthcare never took backstage for us in spite of this pandemic and all our nursing staff, doctors, counsellors, technicians, frontline workers served every individual round the clock be it women, children or elders with dignity, grace and competency making a difference in healthcare.  Today we also promise to continue serving every individual with the same level of healthcare excellence supported by best in class clinical care to access quality health services when and where they need them. Stay Healthy. Stay Safe.
Happy Holi & Doljatra28th March 2021
Although smearing colours is the key part of our one of the most loved festival of Holi and Dolyatra but amid the unending struggle to enter the ‘Old normal’ from ‘new normal’ the recent surge in Covid-19 cases has not only alarmed authorities & healthcare institutions, but also made the common people reconsider and reinvent ways of celebrating. While government authorities are trying their best to curb Covid cases in the second wave, people in general have significant individual and community responsibilities too to celebrate festivals and special occasions with covid appropriate behaviour without letting their festive spirit dampened. So this year during Dolyatra & Holi, we urge everyone to check local advisory in your area and follow them. Greet people with an open heart but avoid shaking hands, smearing colours and hugging each other. Let this year the colours be in our hearts only. We wish everyone a Happy Holi & Dolyatra.
International Day of Happiness20th March 2021
Happiness is a highly subjective thing. Everyone has different needs in life and everyone experiences happiness in different ways. One person’s happiness could mean time spent in solitude reading a book on a Saturday night, while another’s could be at a party with thirty friends around. Still “The Pursuit of Happiness” is always an essential human right. Often we become so busy in pursuing intellectual and financial goals that we ignore the pursuit of happiness. Often Life can be hard & unfair too & we feel at times that Happiness lies at the absence of these negative emotions. Philosophers over the years have maintained that well-being and happiness were a major purpose of life, and a central goal of education & health. We believe in that and strive to give an environment of happiness & well-being in all our healthcare & associated academic facilities as we believe that happiness is an essential ingredient for healing & learning specially in these difficult times. This International Happiness Day we wish everyone has the right to exercise the choices that makes them happy as well as preserve human happiness in the society. Because whatever are the circumstances in life, happiness is always a choice. Let’s take action to be happier and kinder, together.
Wellness Awareness16th March 2021
Negligence towards covid appropriate behavior can be one of the main reason of new surge of covid cases. In view of the recent spike in Covid cases we advise everyone not to let their guard down and follow covid prevention protocol like continue wearing a mask in public, practice physical distancing, avoiding crowds and maintaining healthy hand hygiene even if you have received your COVID vaccine.
International Women's Day8th March 2021
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