5 Useful Tips on Taking Care of Yourself during Infertility Treatments

Late at night, before I go to sleep, I try to think and focus as hard as I can on pregnancy and having a child, because I know the only opportunity I have of being called someone’s MUMMY is in my dreams.” One of our reproductive consultants recollected this emotional discourse by one of our patients during her first counseling session at our Fertility Centre.

Infertility hurts! But, with the advancement in medical technology and more so with the successful application of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) today, infertility doesn’t necessarily mean the ‘end of road to parenthood’. In fact, more and more couples who are unable to conceive on their own, due to one of more infertility related problems, are finding success through application of artificial reproductive technologies like IVF, ICSI and so on.

Reproductive Counselling

Undergoing infertility treatments require a certain degree of mental alertness at par with physical preparedness. Your body should be perfectly receptive to the infertility treatment procedure you’re advised to undergo, by the reproductive specialist, for best possible outcome. You should have a positive mindset before, during and after completion of the ART procedure. Candidates undergoing ART procedures sometimes suffer from mental blocks. This might be as a result of previous experience of unsuccessful treatments or inability of the candidate’s physical receptiveness to artificial reproductive technology procedures.  Whatever the issue, you must remove the mental roadblock by channelizing your mind towards positive thinking and expect only positive outcome from the treatment procedure. Positivity in both mind and body is essential in a major way to the actual success of the ART procedure.

In addition to the above, herein our reproductive specialists offer you ‘5 Useful Tips’ on self-care during infertility treatments.

  • Eat Healthy. Minus Fast Food

While you have decided upon undergoing an infertility treatment procedure make sure that you’re on a correct diet. “Eat only that your body actually requires”. Do not overstretch your daily portions; only include the “true essentials” and cut down on oily foods. Consume whole grains and food items made out of it. Include a lot of green and farm-fresh veggies in your diet. We would also recommend you to consult a dietitian who will prepare a balanced diet depending upon your physiological condition and recommended test results. Also eat slowly and chew your food properly before swallowing in order to facilitate digestion. And, never forget to drink sufficient quantity of water every day. All this while you’re undergoing infertility treatments make sure to exclude ‘junk food items’ from your diet. In fact, not only during this treatment procedure but even after the treatment is over if you can minus ‘junk food’ completely from your diet you can reap the benefits of good health, lifelong!

  • Stay Joyful!

One of the secrets to healthy living is staying cheerful! Interacting with others and especially with friends and family members can reduce your tensions and anxieties to a minimum. Go to events where you’ll get ample opportunity to interact with others. However, if you’re the more introvert type, then we suggest you to delve into the world of books and films! Books are real stress-busters and a good read is certainly valuable than other past time activities. A good movie can also relieve your tensions and anxieties about the forthcoming course of treatment. If you cultivate a hobby, invest quality time in it, be it home décor, cooking, gardening and so on. The aim is to do any activity that cheers you up and keeps you happy!

  • Take Enough Rest

One of the foremost points that you should remember during infertility treatments is preparing the body for the treatment from inside. And that is where ‘rest’ comes in as a huge factor. Give your body ample rest and relaxation. Sleep for at least seven to eight hours every day. Make sure that the place where you sleep is distraction free, or in other words, is ‘calm and quiet’. It is a universal advice which we will repeat here. Keep a gap of 2 hours after taking your meal or dinner and going to bed. Also, nowadays we’re in the habit of operating our smartphones and tablets even in bed. That’s a complete ‘NO’ from our end. Do not even switch on any electronic gadget or digital device while you’re in bed. This will hamper your sleep cycle and make you feel restless once you wake up.

  • Keep Your Body Agile

By agile, we mean ‘active’ and that can be in the form of doing light exercises, a soothing walk In the park, being in the company of nature, enjoying the sights and sounds of outdoors, doing some light stretching exercises that doesn’t exhaust you, together with an everyday morning walk or jogging at a place nearby. Walking, in fact, is beneficial for lifelong well-being of all of us irrespective of age or gender. Invest some quality time in walking every day and you’ll harness the benefits all your life!

  • Positive Thinking and Meditation

Along with the above ‘most-useful’ tips, top it up with positive mind-training or positive thinking and meditation. Meditation will help you focus on the positive thoughts which in turn will channelize your mind into believing that ‘a miracle is about to happen’. In fact, staying positive is the best way to fight infertility even in the midst of exceptionally complicated cases. Once you truly believe in ONLY positive outcome from infertility treatments and want to overcome any hurdle that’s stopping you from experiencing parenthood, things will certainly fall into place.

Get on with these amazing tips and take good care of yourself while looking to undergo infertility treatments at a reputed Fertility Center in Kolkata. We wish all power to you!

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  1. Really informative and helpful article. Yes we need to stress free and take complete sleep. And positive mindset is best way achieve Artificial Reproductive technology.

  2. My husband and I are trying to have children. Thanks for the advice about how for infertility treatments you should eat healthily and be on a correct diet. Another thing to consider is to get treatments from a licensed medical professional.

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